September 2019

“Good Timing” By Kevin Ridgeway

“The Assistant Marshal Makes an Error in Judgement” By Kory Wells

“Transplant” By Tony Gloeggler

“Dear Allen Ginsberg” By Jeffrey Betcher

“The Whole Point of the Game” By Brian Rihlmann

“Blend” By Gwill James Thomas

“Epistemology of Touch” By Jai Hamid Bashir

“Pillows on the Interstate” By Jonathan K. Rice

“We Might Have Existed” By Brian Chander Wiora

“I forgot the earth and heaven” By Jason Baldinger

“I Have Returned Home” By Dameion Wagner


August 2019

“Old Notebooks” By Hugh Blanton

“In the Drowned Woods” By Anna Saunders

“Hound Speak” By Damian Rucci

“Billy Collins Stole My Memories” By Nathan Graziano

“A Familial Scene” By Tiffany Troy

“Poem for Demetrius M. Salada, Admiral (RA) of the Golden Arc Spaceship” By Scott Silsbe

“Unknown Soldiers” By Brian Rihlman

“The President Called the United States a Company” By Prince Bush

“Downpour” By Z.D. Dicks

“A Disappearance” By Dameion Wagner

“And Why Am I a Free Man?” By Ace Boggess


July 2019

“Hearts Break All The Time” By Jeanette Powers

“Move On” By John Grey

“The Great Thing About Driving With a Crack in Your Windshield” By Alex Z. Salinas

“When Cancer Comes to Evansville Indiana” By Jason Baldinger

“Homework on Uranus” By Nathan Graziano”

“One For Cory” By Damian Rucci

“Sunday Mourning” By Mike Acker

“Stravinsky in the Shower” By Jonathan K. Rice

“The Delusion of Glass” By Anna Saunders

“The Oysters” By Brian Chander Wiora

“Artisanal Birds” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Double Downriver” By Scott Silsbe

“Two Prose Poems” By Howie Good


June 2019

“And on the Seventh Day” By Agnes Vojta

“I Never Lack Conviction” By John Patrick Robbins

“Are Your Emotions More or Less Intense?” By Ace Boggess

“My Mother on Her Deathbed” By Bunkong Tuon

“Aubrie” By Cord Moreski

“Cycles of Grief Go On and On” By Jeanette Powers

“A Man, His Family Killed By War, Returns to Aleppo” By Steven Croft

“Eat Rain” By Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

“to abby wherever you are” By John Grochalski

“When the Watched Pot Boils” By Kory Wells

“Punchline” By Nathan Graziano

“Two Prose Poems” By Mike James

“A Good Bad Day” By Tony Gloeggler


May 2019

“Melancholy & The Afterglow” By Damian Rucci

“Forget Math and Science” By Larry Smith

“Explaining Depression to My Cousin” By Nathan Graziano

“Why Did You Try to Sober Up” By Ace Boggess

“Listening to Blue Monday on a Friday” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“One of Pessoa’s Ghosts” By William Taylor Jr.

“My Grandad” By Bruce Hodder

“Monologue in a Room with the Portraits of My Dead Brother” By Nome Emeka Patrick

“Women’s March in Albany” By Bunkong Tuon

“Chimney Swifts” By Marc Frazier

“In the Building” By Tony Gloeggler

Two Prose Poems By Howie Good


April 2019

“Reflections in the Windows of Your First Car” By Jeanette Powers

“Fake Dad” By Kevin Ridgeway

“Midnight Shenanigans” By Kevin Ridgeway

“The Legend of Cousin Wally” By Randall Rogers

“Untold Story” By Kory Wells

“No Walls” By Larry Smith

“Down Tobacco Road, Where the Leaves Fell” By Nick Soluri

“Why Answers are Never the Answer” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“Tightrope Dancer” By Bunkong Tuon

“The Fire of Now” By William Taylor Jr.

“Flotsam” By Agnes Vojta

“Frontiers are frontiers by once” By Jeremy Nathan Marks

“Visitor’s Day at the Group Home” By Tony Gloeggler


March 2019

“Out of the Blue” By Mike Acker

“My Nephew and I Escape from Prison” By Kevin Ridgeway

“Remainders” By Marc Frazier

“Wages” By Larry Smith

“It’s a girl I can tell, we’ve had nothing but trouble” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“The Bite” By Bunkong Tuon

“Jhelum Is Disappearing” By Ishrat Bashir

“Mementos” by Nick Soluri

“Me, and the Hecate” By Margaret Crocker

“Dracula” by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

“Crossing” By Tony Gloeggler


February 2019

“The Word with a Schwa that’s Really a U” By Ronnie Sirmans

“Murmuration” By Amy Watkins

“Plus Ten” By Jeremy Nathan Marks

“Gender Danger” By Bunkong Tuon

“Sent My Way” By Marc Frazier

“Ode to Dolores O’Riordan, The Spirit of Protest, & Zombie by The Cranberries” By J.B Stone

“Before Evening Med Pass” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“Hit and Run” By Steve Cushman

“Cards” By Jonathan K. Rice

“The Selfie” By Mike Acker

“Ice Cream” By Bunkong Tuon


January 2019

“My Joints Hurt and Other Fascinating Topics of Conversation” By Margaret Crocker

“Gutter Angels” By Mike James

“Moving Again” By Mike James

“Betty Doesn’t Know Who She Loves More” By Daniel Crocker

“Dreamcatcher” By CL Bledose

“Dolly Floats” By Stephen Roger Powers

“Remembering the Great Flood in the Frozen Food Aisle” By Ronnie Sirmans

“Creatures of Our Better Nature” By John Dorsey

“When I was a Child” By Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal,

“Robbie the Owl” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan


December 2018

“Small Gifts” By Steve Cushman

“He Brought His Canvases Over” By Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“Dear Bruce Wayne” By Nicky Beer

“Anthony Bourdain Crosses the River of the Dead” By John Dorsey

“Larry” By Tim Peeler

“The Art of Acquiescence” By Margaret Crocker

“Maiden Voyage” By Howie Good


November 2018

“Mull to Ulva” By Tobi Alfier

“The Ferry Captain” By Jeffrey Alfier

“What Do You Call This? Bubba Ganush?” By Mike Acker

“Springmaid Pier” By Jonathan K. Rice

“Daphne’s Broken Sonnet” By Iris Jamahl Dunkle

“Eve” By Sister Lou Ella Hickman

“Wildfire” By Ruth Bavetta

“Five Hundred Channels and Nothing On” By Kevin Ridgeway

“The Jaroslavl Fresco” By David Chorlton

“Paramnesia 2” By Tim Peeler


October 2018

“The Pop Up Halloween Store” By Chase Dimock

“Women Who Love Men Like Ours” By Rebecca Schumejda

“Earth, Air And Lynda Carter” By Margaret Crocker

“the bleeding horse at sea” By John Sweet

“All of the Above” By Jason Ryberg

“Sally with the Accent” By Kevin Ridgeway

“Cape Split” By Tobi Alfier

“Walking West on East 5th Street” By Jeffrey Alfier


September 2018

“Blackout” By Andrea Sherwood

“Modernist Hay Making” By Tim Peeler

“Relics” By David Chorlton

“Neon Boneyard” By Ruth Bavetta

“Disobedience” By Ruth Bavetta

“O’Brien’s Tower” By Stephen Roger Powers

“Punk Rock at 45” By John Dorsey

“Grace” By Mike James


August 2018

“Sometimes the Moon is Nothing More than the Moon” By Jason Ryberg

“i don’t want this poem to be about the death penalty, but it is” By Rebecca Schumejda

“Farm Near a Bend in River Tummel” By Jeffrey Alfier

“Possession Sound, Whidbey Island, Washington” By Tobi Alfier

“Ballers, 2 The Star’s Monologue, 3” By Tim Peeler

“Pollock Paints Reflection of the Big Dipper” By John Sweet

“Motherless” By Erric Emerson

“Standard Time” By Stephen Roger Powers


July 2018

“A Murder” By Ruth Bavetta

“Murmur” By Rhiannon Conley

“The Mark Twain Speech” By John Dorsey

“Two Ghazals” By Mike James

“Back from the Dead” By Emily Blair

“Period Film” By Emily Blair


June 2018

“Under the Tamarind Tree” By Bunkong Tuon

“RIP, Laura’s Vagina” By Laura Read

“Paul Lynde” By Mike James


May 2018

“Lies I Told about Father” By Bunkong Tuon

“Ringo Starr Answers Questions on Larry King Live about the Death of George Harrison” By Roy Bentley

“Fishing for Trey Platoo” By Bunkong Tuon


April 2018

Poems from Deep Calls to Deep By Jane Medved

“Dancing Fu Manchu Master” By Bunkong Tuon

“The Moon Rising” By Lynn Powell

“At the Equinox” By Lynn Powell

Saturday Afternoon at The Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio” By Roy Bentley

“Snow Day” By Bunkong Tuon

“An Elegy for a Fellow Cambodian” By Bunkong Tuon

“Halloween, 1985” By Bunkong Tuon

“A May Evening, Everything is OK” By Heather Whited

“Nosferatu in Florida” By Roy Bentley


March 2018

“In Jerusalem” By Hala Alyan

“Refresh” By Rachel Heimowitz

“Our Neighborhood in Revere, MA” By Bunkong Tuon


February 2018

“From a Tree Limb” By Sean Karns

“Favorite Color” By Patrice Boyer Claeys

“The Apology” By Genesis Gonzalez

“Epistemology” By LA Johnson

“Split Level” By LA Johnson

“Holding a Freshwater Fish in a Pail Above the Sea” By Max Ritvo


January 2018

“How to Use Water as Fuel” By Megan Wildhood

“At the Harbor Lights Motel After You Return” By Lynn Houston

“The Incredible Hulk Tries to Write a Poem” By Daniel Crocker

“I’m too sensitive for this world / this Foot Locker” By Marisa Crawford

“Fish Performance” By Sean Karns


December 2017

“You Leave and I Can’t Sleep” By Lynn Houston

“That One Singer” By Mike James

“Beyond the Land of Misfit Toys” By Mike James

Poems from Malak By Jenny Sadre-Orafai


November 2017

“On the Farm, Before You Leave for Afghanistan” By Lynn Houston

“Oh Daddy, Give Me a Quarter for the Time Machine” By Mike James

“Rebel, Rebel” By Mike James

“Mental Health Portraits” By Margaret Crocker


October 2017

“Shell” By Robert Garrett

A Collection of #MeToo Poetry By Various Authors

Poems from The Treasures that Prevail By Jen Karetnick


September 2017

Poems from They Were Bears By Sarah Marcus

“Prose Poem in the Wake of Charlottesville” By Brett Ashley Kaplan

“New Years Morning” By Helen Hunt Jackson


August 2017

“The Man of Dirt Toils in the Laughter of His Wayward World” By Sean Karns

“The Son Witnesses” By Sean Karns

“A Solar Eclipse” By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“In the Afternoon, She Smelled Like the Earth” By Marianne Peel

“Wonder Beans” By Janet Kirchheimer

“Song of the Exiles” By Holly Karapetkova


April 2017

“Listening to Death” By John Guzlowski


March 2017

“The Idiot’s Faith” By Okla Elliott

“The Light Here” By Okla Elliott

Four Poems By Stacy R. Nigliazzo

“And There’s Something About Softness” By Gili Haimovich

“After the Squall” By Elise Paschen


February 2017

Poems from In the Absence By Dara Barnat

Three Poems by Leah Umansky


January 2017

“Fragments” By Bunkong Tuon

“Let Them Not Say” By Jane Hirshfield

“I Ask Forgiveness” By Alex Ben-Ari

“Between Klimt and Giacometti” By Hélène Cardona

“Unveiling Jean Cocteau” By Hélène Cardona