Victor Clevenger: “Low-Flying Birds”



As It Ought To Be Magazine, in a partnership with River Dog Press and Temple of Man, is proud to feature Victor Clevenger’s Low-Flying Birds, as a free downloadable chapbook of poetry.

River Dog is a small press from Missouri creating chapbooks, broadsides and zines. They are not any sort of commercial enterprise, but simply two friends who wanted to get back to basics, to why they got into all of this to begin with, to offer something from the heart. For more information on River Dog’s publications, inquire at


About the Author: Victor Clevenger spends his days in a Madhouse and his nights writing poetry.  Selected pieces of his work have appeared in print magazines and journals around the world.  He is the author of several collections of poetry including Sandpaper Lovin’ (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2017), A Finger in the Hornets’ Nest (Red Flag Poetry, 2018), and Corned Beef Hash By Candlelight (Luchador Press, 2019).  Together with American poet John Dorsey, they run River Dog.


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