LB Sedlacek: “Armor”


A dime
shiny silver
in the pocket
a gold fish
shiny orange
has no memory
a penny
dull brown
by the creek
a tub
shiny metal
full of water
the dime
for emergencies
making a call
the goldfish
for training
to motivate kids
the penny
unused unimportant
left to disappear
the tub
for drowning
whatever is unwanted.

About the Author: LB Sedlacek has had poems and stories appear in “Impspired,” “River Dog,” “Hill Rag,” “Inverse Journal,” and “Iconoclast.”  Her short stories “Sight Unseen”  and “Backwards Wink” were awarded 1st Place Prose prizes in “Branches Literary Magazine.” For 20 years, she published the free resource for poets, “The Poetry Market Ezine.” LB also likes to swim and read.

Image Credit: Public domain image originally from Goldfish breeds and other aquarium fishes, their care and propagation. Philadelphia :Innes & sons (1908) Courtesy of The Biodiversity Heritage Library

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