Avignon Marr: “Siouxsie Sioux Poster”




That monochrome poster on your wall
The one with Siouxsie Sioux on it
I could have sworn the lips were black
And yet as I sit on your bed
In my father’s oversized suit
Her lips are surely a shade of crimson
It matches the carnation I brought
And though tasteful
The splash of color is unfamiliar
And I could swear it smudged
As my thumb ran across it
And come to think of it
It looks just like the lipstick you wear
Perhaps I’ll ask you about it later
While your parents drive us home.
From that sweaty, awful dance


About the Author: Avignon Marr is the pseudonym of an anonymous writer and artist currently based in the Czech Republic. They are a co-founder of the Encino Grayscale Project, which features abstract digital artwork from a small group of anonymous musicians, poets, and filmmakers.


Image Credit: Digital Rendering of a public domain photo.

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