Ted Jackins: “After Wayne Shorter”

After Wayne Shorter

Your fierce tone
Moved in silent ways,
Ambient jazz soldier,
Your ghost hangs
Like a long held note,
Like some slow breath
Over me tonight,
As I spin your
Records in
Funeral wake,
As your carefully
Chosen lines
Etch out a small
Piece of sky
Where you sit,
Perhaps sipping
Or blowing
With 'Trane,
Sanders and
Many more
Saxophone poets,
Gone now,
Yet eternally

About the Author: Ted Jackins is a poet and musician living in a small town in North Carolina with his wife and 17 year old cat. They’re work has previously appeared in Red Fez, Zygote In My Coffee, Blotterature, Citizens For Decent Literature, Black Out Zine, and Outlaw Poetry. He is the author of the chapbook Psych Ward Blues (Alien Buddha Press).

Image Credit: Digitally altered public domain image of a saxophone, courtesy of Wikimedia.

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