“The Legend of Cousin Wally” By Randall Rogers


The Legend of Cousin Wally

Rules and convention
didn’t constrain him
he walked his
own path true
the smartest
educated man
I ever knew
learning in
discourse too often
and maybe most
truthfully most
drinking in bars
talking, sharing,
the angles

reading comprehension
facility I dare say
a touch of dyslexia
I always suspect
in such instances
where acute verbal
synthesis comprehension
is markedly on display

I learned much
when I knew
his worth beyond
measure as
intelligent man
educated in discourse
absorbed in repast
into vino veritas

a unique perspective
in my life
age forty-nine
in time
to this day
I say
when asked
by those few
who do
I say
in things I do
I take the
Wally path
in almost
everything I do
except drinking. 


About the Author: I am Randall.  Last seen in’ Mad Swirl’ and ‘Beatnik Cowboy’.  I help edit the latter.  I am fifty-seven years of Swedish-English extraction but I live in America now.  That is, North America, specifically the United States.  Yes I’m a patriot.  A poet patriot.  Too old to join the air force now though!  Unless I want to stay indoors and join.


Image Credit: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner “Männerkopf- Selbtsbildnis” (1926)

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