Sheena Bradley: “After Another Deluge”




After Another Deluge

Rays of morning sun
glisten on the wet leaves
of ornamental olive trees
as they enjoy unseasonal warmth.

Once a warm terracotta,
driveways of tessellated bricks
are now stained black and grey
by engine oil and city acid.

Fire moss carpets the crevices,
elfin setae curving upward
offer capsules of microscopic spores
to the summer sun.

In front of every double garage
sits a Porsche or Discovery,
the pampered gods of suburbia,
discord of traffic assaults the ears.

Nearby in the meadow, spearwort,
cow-parsley, poppies, and dandelions
abound – until the planned
new road becomes reality.

Below, in the valley,
people slump on brooms, stare
listless, or drag sodden sandbags
from their doorsteps, once more.



About the Author: Sheena is Irish but has lived in Nottingham for almost forty years. Following retirement, she began writing and now has an MA in Creative Writing from Trent University. She has been published in The Beacon, Reach, Sarasvati, Dawntreader and Orbis. Twitter: @weesheenanigan


Image Credit: Chase Dimock “Moss on a Redwood” (2020)

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