Diana rosen: “Why I don’t Drive”

Why I Don’t Drive

You’d think exiting a drive-in movie theater would be easy but my younger siblings and their friends are hollering as if they’re on a daredevil carnival ride causing me to tap the car behind me, swipe the one beside me and, as I inch down the aisle toward the exit, a guy jumps out and shouts, “Not mine, lady, not mine!” I ignore him as I ignore the broken speaker hanging, now wireless, from the back seat window. My brother quietly rolls the window down, places the speaker gently on the ground and whispers, go! Go! GO!

About the Author: Diana Rosen writes essays, flash, and poetry in L.A. where her “backyard” is the largest urban green space in the country, the 4,000+acre Griffith Park which is free for all to explore by foot, horse, mini train or (egads!) car. Her first hybrid book of poetry and flash, High Stakes & Expectations is available via thetinypublisher.com/shop To read more of her work, please visit http://www.authory.com/dianarosen


Image Credit: John Margolies “Hettinger Drive-in Theater, Hettinger, North Dakota” (1987) Public domain image courtesy of the Library of Congress

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