Michael T. Smith: “Revolution in a Dress”



Revolution in a Dress

The revolution was not begun to be new.
It was not meant to be a treatise 
between word and vigor,
dripped onto the page from a drooling pen.
It was not what your parents had known.
It was not giving a damn, left to kill itself by day’s end,
nor was it a dress meant to appear flattering.
It was – full stop, was in every sense of ‘to be,’
‘to have been,’ for it was more architectural
than a mere wisp of the abstract,
sorting a foundation of the clouds we wish we
were upon.
Living in a perpetual concussion,
the masses have looked up
and finally turned their eyes back onto themselves to say


About the Author: Michael T. Smith is an Assistant Professor of English who teaches both writing and film courses.  He has published over 100 pieces (poetry and prose) in over 50 different journals.  He loves to travel.


Image Credit: Blanche L. Anish “Sewing” (1937) The Library of Congress

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