Howie Good: “Red Rosa”




Red Rosa

In memory of Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919)

She lost a shoe as the political police were dragging her from the Hotel Eden to the waiting car. Lieutenant K. Vogel, the commander of the unit, shouted insults (“Whore!”) and spat at her. She was bleeding from a blow to the head with a rifle butt, but could still see with the eye that didn’t have blood in it. As they pushed her into the back seat, she saw the dark breath of crematoria, Berlin burning, rubble everywhere. Then she passed out. They would take her to the hospital only when they were sure she was already dead.



About the Author: Howie Good’s latest poetry collection, Gunmetal Sky, is due in February from Thirty West Publishing


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Image Credit: “Portrait of Rosa Luxemburg in 1910″ Public Domain

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