Marlena Maduro Baraf: “memoir”


she was a piece of us like a nose
feeling with her tongue for little bones,
if it was fish
mami's skin mingles with the drooping gown
a teta is not a breast
not even a teat
there’s a white gazebo
and the seesaw,
but we’ve come to fish,
papi said

               we passed his books
               brooding in the dark
               the bed was empty
               if I had touched him or
               called to him,
               he would have listened to me
               and not be dead
               like the moon except that
               it is almost square

About the Author: Marlena Maduro Baraf’s stories and poems have been published in Sweet Lit, the Ekphrastic Review, On the Seawall, Night Heron Barks, Poets Reading the News, and elsewhere. She immigrated to the United States from her native Panama and is author of the memoir At the Narrow Waist of the World and co-author of Three Poets/Tres Poetas. She writes the blog, Breathing in Spanish, that features conversations with Latinos from all walks of life.   

Image Credit: Ángel Zárraga “Basket of Plenty” (1922) Public Domain image courtesy of Artvee.

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