Stew Jorgenson: “5 Geezuz”


5 Geezuz

I asked her how she felt about 5G
she said it might be
the new heaven and earth
of which Jesus spoke
everything so nice
a real virtual paradise
smart TVs
camera phones
electric cars
surveillance drones

artificial and
emotional intelligence
unconscious streaming
on demand

I took a sip of my high-buck latte
and told her wed die just in time
if were lucky

She said its too late for that
come back to bed
its memory foam
Ill make you forget


About the Author: Stew is a part-time wordsmith who has more words than he knows what to do with. Sometimes he uses the extras for poetry, celestial navigation, or target practice. He has worked on farms, fishing boats, and in factories.  He’s skilled at mistakes, guilty by association, and suffers from occasional bouts of inspiration. He is working on a cure.


Image Credit: Carol M. Highsmith “Power lines dominate the skyscape above Flagstaff in northern Arizona” (2018) The Library of Congress

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