Jennifer Klein: “Beanie Baby Angels”

Beanie Baby Angels

When I was young
I thought beanie baby wings
Were some of the closest things
To heaven
Like copper on pennies-

The sky was always teeming with
Beanie baby angels
More real than the adult world
Flapped their wings in bliss
And dusted my seams
In copper and gold

Were they handcrafted by
So-called “real” angels?
Modern beaned cherubim
For 90’s millennials?
Our true nature reflected
In their lush, plush selves?

Threw them in the closet
Their hearts now an end note
Is that why we craved rose gold?
The color of our wings
Before we didn’t believe
In angels anymore?

About the Author: Jennifer Klein is a writer, musician, and artist. Poetry is one of her favorite ways to make social commentary and merge her inner and outer worlds. Her poems have been featured or are forthcoming in Hawai`i Pacific Review, Fahmidan Journal, Bombfire, and others. She received a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Dutch Studies and Norwegian from Indiana University Bloomington. You can follow her on Instagram @JenniferKleinReal


Image Credit: Detail from “Annunciatory Angel” by Fra Angelico. Public domain image courtesy of Artvee

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