Gwil James Thomas: “Passing by Polloe/A Slice of Life”



Passing by Polloe/A Slice of Life. 

On the top of the hill  
crickets hop and chirp   
around the entrance of Polloe,
emulating miniature guard dogs –
their barks sounding as silence 
when the living stroll by.  

Strong but naive spring flowers 
rise up through the cracks 
in the concrete. 

Etched into the sturdy sandstone 
entrance of Polloe Cemetery 
a message in Spanish roughly 
translates to:  
‘Soon they will say about you 
what they say about us – 
they died!’

Sometimes it feels like the dead 
are as talkative 
as the living –
but if you talk to the dead enough, 
after a while you’ll only 
hear them say one thing – 

Come lunch warm aromas 
are carried up the hill 
from the pizzeria and each day 
they only serve one pizza, 
but each day also 
brings a totally different pizza.

Some slices may contain 
traces of déjà vu.


About the Author: Gwil James Thomas is a novelist, poet and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. He’s recently been published in The Bees are Dead, GOB zine, Expat Press, Paper & Ink and The Dope Fiend Daily. His sixth poetry chapbook Cocoon Transitions is available here. He currently lives in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.’


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Image Credit: Willoughby Wallace Hooper “Cemetery, Secunderabad” (1870) Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.


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