Victor Clevenger: “$5.00 Wok”



Editor’s Note: This is the 2nd in a series of poems by Victor Clevenger about his son, nicknamed “The Milkman”


$5.00 Wok

a $5.00 wok was a helluva steal
an after christmas deal

sitting over the flame 
for the first time 
on new year’s morning

it’s the milkman’s birthday breakfast

three pounds of pork sausage
browned crumbled glistening in grease

i antique it with flour
stir it until coated 

reach over 
take the eggs off the griddle

biscuits out the oven 

grab the milk &
dump two cups on the meat


white liquid hit the bottom
& as soon as the plastic spoon 
made its first clockwise rotation
the black coating on the pan
floated in flakes to the top

black flakes now bigger
than sausage crumbles

i call the milkman to the kitchen
& show him the gravy

whatcha gonna do he asks
& i think about it

then tell him
it’s like the ol’ sayings

. . . . like a turd in a punchbowl
. . . . like a trump in the white house

some things just aren’t salvageable

so i guess 

we throw it out 

            & begin again


About the Author: When not traveling on highways across America, Victor Clevenger spends his days in a Madhouse and his nights writing poetry.  He lives with his second ex-wife, and together they raise children in a small town northeast of Kansas City, MO.  Selected pieces of his work have appeared in print magazines and journals around the world, as well as at a variety of places online.  He is the author of several collections of poetry including Sandpaper Lovin’ (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2017), A Finger in the Hornets’ Nest (Red Flag Poetry, 2018), and Corned Beef Hash By Candlelight (Luchador Press, 2019).


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Image Credit: Ann Rosener “”Share The Meat” recipes. Baked bean loaf.” (1942) The Library of Congress

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