Margaret Crocker: “Earth, Air And Lynda Carter”



Earth, Air And Lynda Carter

I first remember flying.


with the ceiling’s 70’s popcorn textures
at my cheek.
I could touch it
if I’d only stretched out my hand.

I was a superhero then,
in my first moments of life and memory,
with my Wonder Woman Underoos,
Lasso of Truth
and the bad guy in the background
for seconds,
long particles of seconds,
an eternity of nanoseconds,
in Million Dollar Man slow motion,
with the Bionic Woman smiling at my shoulder.

“Forget Lee Majors,”
she whispers,
“and fuck the Army.
Let’s leave it all behind with our invisible jet.”

And then I land,

Remembering landing for the first time,
as I remember no other landings before now.
The Underoos ruck up to my armpits,
everything explodes,
the house explodes,
sound and sight explode,
the air, Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner are sucked from my universe,
the villain is there,
and the ultimate final twist–

That our heroine
could never fly,
after all.


About the Author: Margaret Crocker is an artist, writer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and thief. She collects stray animals and has this weird fantasy of being on The Great British Baking Show, despite the fact she uses a bread machine. She knows little but proclaims much. There is much we don’t know about her.


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