Corey D. Cook: “Resurrecting Roadkill”



Resurrecting Roadkill

The young fox
is on its side,
just off the road,
body intact,
coat pristine,
no evidence
of trauma,
could be resting
on the sun-warmed
the flame
of its tail
leaping up
with every gust
of wind,
each passing car.

The portly racoon
the centerline,
laid out
on its back,
front legs bent
at the elbow,
paws resting
above hips,
chin raised,
a superhero’s pose,
pool of blood
above its head
an opulent cape.



About the Author: Corey D. Cook’s sixth chapbook, Junk Drawer, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Akitsu Quarterly, the Aurorean, Brevities, Cold Moon Journal, Muddy River Poetry Review, and Nixes Mate Review. Corey works at a hospital in New Hampshire and lives in Vermont.


Image Credit: Catalogue North American mammals with drawings and proof of plates [1856?] Image Courtesy of the Biodiversity Heritage Library

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