Meg Pokrass: “Pilot”






According to him he was a pilot, owned a few race cars, and chewed ice. Simple confessions. He was a “chewer” and it did not mean anything, just something to say.

Near Christmas, the cat was tired of her dating stories. She didn’t want to bore the cat anymore. So, she poured it on a bit, to get one of them to stop playing around and to take her somewhere. Why not the pilot? It was time to tell a few stories to a human, and relieve the cat. She’d do so in a restaurant, with or without ice.

“I prefer to live on the edge,” he said in a text. She almost said “most people are not given a choice”.

It seemed to her a moment of mental decline could happen when a pilot believes that he can fly over real people. Online dating is exactly this, she thought, staring up at the profile pictures of such sad, old children.



About the Author: Meg Pokrass writes stories she doesn’t know she is writing.


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Image Credit: [Untitled photo, possibly related to: “Duster” plane spraying insecticide over a field of beans.] from The Library of Congress

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