Alexander Perez: “On Sin”

On Sin

In proper time
In shadows 
Outline the shape
Of human monsters
So as to leave no distinct traces

Leave vacancies in the body
Separate the soft parts
As a dog does
Feeling awakened
To tinge its teeth with blood

We hold a festival
For our conversion 
Into killers 
Or accomplices
Escorting force

The nature of drift 
Of the wind, the tongue 
To hiss 
The distance 
At which my voice may be heard

To arrange 
In the form of a labyrinth
Names of things
Turned to stone

A pilgrim pursuing
Divine luster
In the binding of a lamb
Charred offering
Purificatory rite

Lead forth
Guide them 
To the taker’s use
Which engraces
Nourishes or rears

About the Author: Alexander Perez began writing and publishing poetry in 2022 at age forty-eight. He has a chapbook coming out and hopes to publish a full collection soon. Alexander is an Albany, NY native and currently lives with his longtime partner James. Come visit him for more poetry:

Image Credit: Edvard Munch “The Sun” (1910-1912) Public domain image courtesy of Artvee

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