by Kristen Holden

We said the sky was white, that was the weather

we walk through a seeming window and chime

the sound of non-grey. The city had a backdrop

a canvas a watercolor paper, skyscrapers took

with us a loosing of our blankness. Some of us

have our fingers beating on our thighs a something

piano song, a beat we’d figure with each finger.

We bent down de-valved. Then the biggest buildings,

Paintless! they cried. We’re dry and you are this way

Kristen Holden is a poet and visual artist living in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, SFist and Phoebe. Holden is a Feminist, works in the fashion industry, and blogs at

Editor’s Note: Holden believes in Feminism with a capital F, in fashion with a small f being anything but small, and in banana slugs, which is how I have the pleasure of knowing this multi-faceted artist. She is quoted as saying: “Plan things, then make things.” And she does just that, drawing from a world of art and urban living to make poetry happen. You may add model and Russian-trained dancer to her bag of tricks, but for today, let’s focus on her poetry, as it ought to be.

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  1. Sweet imagery, especially a something piano song.

    On producing, for me, I find it’s best to make things and then plan them or let them plan themselves in their making. It’s too easy for me to get stuck in the planning stages, think of the never-ending permutations, directions, and results and give up. Plans are fascists. Likely, that’s my peculiar bent/heavy shoulder bag.

    Loving your Saturday poetry series.


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