An Eastern Love Story

قصة حبٍ شرقية
An Eastern Love Story
Composed by Naseer Shamma

Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma playing the oud with one hand in honor of Iraqi war victims. Naseer Shamma is said to have invented this technique to help Iraqi war victims play the oud, inspired by a friend of his who has lost his arm in the Iraqi-Iranian war. The large number of Iraqi-Iranian war victims prompted the invention of this technique to help amputees play the oud. Naseer Shamma continues to use this technique in many of his compositions to bring attention to war victims in Iraq and the world.

While Naseer Shamma is popularly known for devising this technique, experts credit a number of musicians, most famously, the Iraqi Salem Abdul-Kareem. However, in both cases, it is said to have originated in Iraq during the Iraqi-Iranian war.

More Shamma clips:

Inta Omri
In this clip, Shamma uses the technique throughout the piece. The piece played is from Om Kalthoum’s Inta Omri (You Are My Life), originally composed by Mohamed Abdul-Wahab.

Baghdad As I Love It
From Land of Darkness.