K. Andrew Turner: “Monsters”


for the art Jimi Hendrix by Moëbius

Orange clouds, like mountains, burn

under the weight of the falling sun,

two rocks jut from the green ocean

where sharks swarm

I watch a pelican as large 

as a pterodactyl fly the sage home

A man wears

a robe, the symbol

of his power

his face broad, dark

his eyes free to bore

to memorize

his hands a vise

around the woman,

green from the ocean

she is out cold

Beams of black 

form a halo of darkness

his intent unknown

but I fear 

for the woman

at the hands of a man

so enthralled

by her architecture. I cannot help

but think that she

is the victim

that she is not the monster

we are told she is

no, she tries to protect


her ocean so green

perhaps it is dying

she may be the last

the only

and this man is the one to take

her, to take the ocean

to set mountains ablaze

perhaps the sage

and his pelican-dactyl

stay away from the world

soaring above to remain

untouched and unsullied

by mundane concerns

perhaps the man is the monster

or the sage

or the monster is inside

ready to take

when presented with such


verdant beauty

About the Author: K. Andrew Turner writes queer, literary, and speculative prose and poetry. In 2013, he founded East Jasmine Review—an electronic literary journal. He was a semifinalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award. Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin is now available from Finishing Line Press. Read more at: http://www.kandrewturner.com

K. Andrew Turner: “We still call it the Strawberry Patch”





We still call it the Strawberry Patch

Sketches of fruit succulent
    like picking strawberries
    in the summer with Mom
the cool New England breeze
perfect and each berry
ripe, juicy, and sweet.

Math, calculations adjacent
to red, faded like the fields
south of the 210—now an
outdoor strip mall.
    Numbers like ledgers of
sales, the taxes more money
than strawberries can bring.

for the art Strawberry Fields by Melissa Macias



About the Author: K. Andrew Turner writes literary and speculative fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. He teaches and mentors creative writers near Los Angeles, where he lives, works, and writes in the San Gabriel Valley. He is the Publisher of East Jasmine Review and a freelance editor. You can find more at his website: http://www.kandrewturner.com


Image Credit: Melissa Macias “Strawberry Fields”