Mather Schneider: “NONRETURNABLE”




At the bookstore we sell home divorce packets
or “kits”.
It’s strange to watch people
come in and purchase them.
Certain types will wander in smiling
like it was some kind
of afterthought.

Some men come in and ask for them
like they’re asking directions to the can.
Others come straight from the bar
and make the inquiry to the entire store
staring glossy eyed at the jury of shoppers.

Then there is the occasional family
that arrives together
the children running off to the KIDS’ KORNER
father shuffling off to GUNS AND AMMO
and mother gravitating over
to the home divorce packets.

Some people have even fallen in love
there at the divorce packet rack.
Of course, it is far more common
for two or more people
to be arguing over the last one.

When they are all gone
the sign says TIME TO ORDER MORE.

And someone always does,

bless their heart.


About the Author: Mather Schneider was born in 1970 in Peoria, Illinois. He has lived in many places. He was a cab driver for 15 years in Tucson and now lives in Mexico. He has been published in many places and has 4 books available.


Image Credit: “Portrait of a Seated Elderly Couple” Unknown Maker (1856) Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program