By Katherine Mansfield

Rain and wind, and wind and rain.
Will the Summer come again?
Rain on houses, on the street,
Wetting all the people’s feet,
Though they run with might and main.
Rain and wind, and wind and rain.

Snow and sleet, and sleet and snow.
Will the Winter never go?
What do beggar children do
With no fire to cuddle to,
P’raps with nowhere warm to go?
Snow and sleet, and sleet and snow.

Hail and ice, and ice and hail,
Water frozen in the pail.
See the robins, brown and red,
They are waiting to be fed.
Poor dears, battling in the gale!
Hail and ice, and ice and hail.

(Today’s poem is in the public domain, belongs to the masses, and appears here today accordingly.)

Katherine Mansfield Beauchamp (1888–1923) was a New Zealand poet and short story writer who began publishing work at the age of ten. While her personal life was tumultuous, her literary achievements were stellar; Katherine is today considered New Zealand’s most famous author and one of the most significant influences on twentieth century short story writers. She published three books before her death from tuberculosis at the age of 34; two additional books were published posthumously. (Annotated biography courtesy of Your Daily Poem.)

Editor’s Note: With apologies to those readers in California who are suffering a terrible drought, today’s poem is for my fellow Northeasterners, Midwesterners, and all of us across the country who are suffering this seemingly endless winter. Every time I go outside I think of our fearless editor here at As It Ought To Be, and a comic he shared recently which posits, “The air hurts my face / Why am I living where the air hurts my face.” It is cold out there, as we only just round the bend into March and dream of the warmth that must be coming. But for now it is “Rain and wind, and wind and rain,” “Snow and sleet, and sleet and snow, “Hail and ice, and ice and hail;” it is freezing temperatures and brutal winds, and every day I feel Katherine Mansfield’s pain when she pleads, “Will the Summer come again?” “Will the Winter never go?”

Want to read more about Katherine Mansfield?
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Katherine Mansfield Society


  1. But, there’s been rain and wind and wind and rain yesterday and today and the creeks are running a sound and sandbags are all over some people’s streets and it’s lovely, though it’ll have to flow with a flurry all through March to make a matter (enough to give a little to the Central Valley Famers for their crops!) So in The East, i say: don’t disparage the condensation, regardless of form, of course it will end ~~~ even empires (dew)!


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