Partita & Sea Ridge

Erik Noonan

Partita & Sea Ridge

by Erik Noonan

honest devices – John Donne

Effulgent canopies of cornflower and aquamarine
overhang this fixed landscape where memory stands
watch over our earliest walks and drives as one
where by and large I dreamt up an eirenical piece
written out of a humble and afflicted heart
long on resilience short on dark cheer
and resolved to unlearn deceit beside her although in a little thin house
forego preferment along with los negocios and skinny love
and instead compare pleasantries savor household tasks
and so attend to the Umgangssprache as to lonely young friends near and far
rather than be outmaneuvered by an insolent and leonine demimonde
sharpening its recriminations for corner pocket Machtpolitik after hours.
From here we could just make out certain agents of the kairos now and then
when they alighted upon a bare twig midway from table to basin.


Erik Noonan is originally from Los Angeles. He was educated at Hampshire College and the New College of California. His poems, stories, reviews, articles and critical writings have appeared in various print and web periodicals, as well as the collections Stances (Bird & Beckett, 2012) and Haiku d’Etat (Omerta, 2013). His working experience in schools includes program and curriculum development, administration, accreditation compliance, internal liaison, community outreach, event planning, test preparation, deanship and counseling. As a classroom instructor trained in the historical study of literary texts and the communicative approach to language learning, he teaches both Literature and English as a Foreign Language. Erik lives in San Francisco with his wife Mireille.

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