redness“Redness” by Malia Bush.

By Malia Bush

They say that it is not a good idea to shave with glass.
I don’t know. It’s not been a problem for me.
I am just careful.
Most people are sloppy, brandishing the glass all over their face.
They are just careless.
Not me. I use deliberate strokes.
Some people get nervous, but I, myself, am in complete control.

(Bush’s poem “Close Maul”  and her painting “Redness” appear here today with permission from the poet.)

Malia Bush is a prolific multimedia artist from the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in glow-in-the-dark and glitter art. Malia’s art and writings often reflect the happy-go-drunky shadow of her life, as she has been a recovering alcoholic for more than eight years. To see more of Malia’s art, for an understanding ear, or for help finding a local support group, visit Malia’s website at

Editor’s Note: Today’s poem brandishes both the luster of the lie and the sharp edge of truth beneath it. Its flippant, uninhibited tone dissolves into an echo, its last line a specter of the poem’s revelation. Today’s is a gutsy, raw poem wrought from taking a good hard look in the mirror and then grappling with the shards of glass.

Want to see more by Malia Bush?
Malia Bush’s Official Website


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