Andreas Economakis

“Wall” (Photo by Andreas Economakis ©2012)

To A Deaf Person From A Blind Person

I thought I needed to gesticulate loudly
confusing my blindness with your deafness
no matter how much I danced
my suggestions fell on deaf eyes
blind ears
so I decided I’d sleep in the kitchen
the refrigerator hum my evening lullaby
a soft wooden bed
my milk bottle filled with beer
empty of beer
awake to the sound of my inner voice
and the sting of cold sweat on hot skin
the torture of tap water dripping
down my cardboard throat
running to catch up to something
I just can’t place my finger on
a boat that never reaches port
a plane I should be on
brakes that don’t seem to work
a dark ominous room
and I wander outside and listen
to the harmony of dissonance
to the reason of chaos
the silence of sound
and nature
not much to qualify there
and I come to realize
darkness flows on the inside
not the outside
like a molten river under rock
adding to the hardness up above
but laughter
laughter boils to the surface
along with happiness
but only
only if you’re fast enough to catch
the sly fucker

Nisyros (July, 2012)

Andreas Economakis

This piece is part of a collection of words on blindness entitled: The Blindness of Life. The author is not a poet.
Copyright © 2012, Andreas Economakis. All rights reserved.
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2 thoughts on “Andreas Economakis

  1. Most definitely the musings of a muse and an appreciation for poetry. We must have been family in previous lives hence similarity of name. Keep up the good work!


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