Sunday Poetry Series Presents: David Gibbs

Nearly Forgetting the Anniversary

of Your Leaving

A street vendor tells me
you made it,
there’s only one Time

left, just as a lady
steps out of a bail bond.
A wall mirror slips
from under her arm.

The falling reflection —
a sweeping row of storefronts, many
without windows.

Slivers tinsel
the sidewalk, cling
to her blouse
like a gasp.

Over my shouler
the vendor yells, Watch out!

David Gibbs is a poet living in Columbus, OH.  His work appears in Nimrod, Mayday, Eclipse, and the above poem was originally published in Columbia Poetry Review and is reprinted here with permission of the author.

One thought on “Sunday Poetry Series Presents: David Gibbs

  1. A really great poem. Accessible and profound, with the title doing a lot of work and the details subtly unfolding to shed light on the larger themes at play. I look forward to reading more of his work. Thanks for sharing.


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