Capitol Island By Robert Boucheron

My Bipolar Ex-Love By Nathan Graziano

It Ain’t No Lie, Baby By Daniel Crocker

What Would Jesus Say By Robert Boucheron

In The Mental Architecture of the Deceased By Chase Dimock



Lead By Daniel Crocker

Growing up on the Island of Misfit Toys or: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as a Queer Allegory By Chase Dimock

Learning From (Illinois) Nazis By Ezra Claverie

Different From the Others: LGBT History Month and the Almost Century-Old Legacy of an Early Gay Rights Film By Chase Dimock

Language and Loss by John Guzlowski

Remembering Okla Elliott with Michael Young By Michael Young

As It Ought To Be Mourns the Loss of its Founder By Sivan Butler-Rotholz

The Social and Spiritual Possibilities of Lent by Okla Elliott

Against Provocation: a Roundabout Response to John Sanford Friedrich By Eric Kroczek

The New Age of Political Protest by John Sandford Friedrich

Notes on the Women’s March By Leslie McGrath

In Defense of Memory by Michael T. Young



This Train Is Bound for Glory by Okla Elliott

Keep Loving. Keep Fighting By Brett Ashley Kaplan

Farewell for Now: Spencer Keeton Cunningham Departs San Francisco By Matt Gonzalez

Trump Unfriendings by Danusha V. Goska

10 Ways to Murder You with My Yard by Christy Vlachos Jones

God: Both Source and River By Karen Craigo

The Storms in Philadelphia By Okla Elliott

Who Is Tim Kaine?: A Pro/Con Analysis By Okla Elliott

Five Scenes from the RNC Convention: Dispatch #2 By Okla Elliott

All This Mayhem: Dispatch #1 By Okla Elliott

Here, Now By Paul Crenshaw

The Rooftop in Islamabad by Yasmeen Qasimi

The New Era of Engaged Literature By Okla Elliott

21st Century Politics and The “F” Word M.E. “Spike” Allen

The Zen of Bernie Sanders: Even in Politics, You Can Be in the Now By Holly Le Craw

In Answer to Your Question About Who Won the Sports Ball Competition  By Karen Craigo & Karin Barbee

Bernie Sanders’ Gay Pride Day Proclamation and the History of LGBT Advocacy By Chase Dimock

Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders By Vishal Bakshi



When Hillary Clinton Plays the Victim We All Lose By Lynn Houston

Notes Toward a Politico-Sexual Psychology of Consuming Animals By A. Marie Houser

What We Learned from the Roosters By John Unger Zussman

Four Ways Sanders Is a Better Candidate than Clinton By Okla Elliott

Four Ways Bernie Sanders Won the First Democratic Debate By Okla Elliott

The Myth of the Apolitical American Poet By Michael T. Young

Think The Vampire Diaries Is Just Lowbrow TV? Your Loss By Norah Vawter

IN PLACES FAR NICER: On Being Adjunct Faculty at a Liberal Arts University By John Carr Walker

Five Thoughts on Cecil the Lion—Or: How the Internet Really Botched This One By Okla Elliott

Who Is Bernie Sanders? By Okla Elliott

Time for the Professoriate to Lead the Way By William Trent Pancoast

Things to Worry About By Norah Vawter

Eat it, xoJane. I’m a Stay-at-Home-Mom and I Have a Job to Do By Jenny Kanevsky

A Rereading of the “Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever” By Anoosh Jorjorian

What Happens When a Famous Rapper Falls in Love with Your Quote By Mik Everett



We Can’t Breathe By Sarah Marcus

In Using My Voice and Social Media Platforms More Effectively (step two) By Perry Janes

Gayle King Is Wrong: Street Harassment Is Not a Compliment By Leslie Maxwell

Sentience Matters: Zoöeconomics — A Call to Recognize Nonhuman Sentience in Political and Economic Thought By Gabriel Gudding

Sentience Matters: What Is a Zombie — Meat Consumption and the Advent of the Automobile By Gabriel Gudding

An Unnecessary Defense of William T. Vollmann’s Last Stories and Other Stories By Jordan A. Rothacker

The Etiquette Of Police Brutality: An Autopsy By Rion Amilcar Scott

Everyone is Guilty of Something By John Unger Zussman

Finding Courage: My #YesAllWomen By Amy Gigi Alexander

Signage By Hannah Stephenson

Because Misogyny By Kirsten Clodfelter

Another Way of Seeing the Ukraine By Peter Gabel

Sentience Matters: Farmed Animals as Hypothetical Beings — A Thought Experiment By Gabriel Gudding

Plotting Against Plot By Vincten Czyz

Cash By John Unger Zussman

The House By Hannah Finney

Yes, Actually, There is a Huge Problem with Pink By Kirsten Clodfelter

Thinking of Chickens By Paul Crenshaw

Sentience Matters: Animal Rights and Literature By Gabriel Gudding

The Human Flame War By Tini Howard

Elie Faure in a Declining Empire By Michael T. Young

Women Are “Just More Emotional”  By Sarah Marcus

Listen to Dylan Farrow By Stephanie Goehring

Hell Yes, I’m Intolerant By Joanna Schroeder

When Your Student Dies During the Semester By Angie Mazakis

Being Hannah Horvath: How Seriously Should We Take Girls? By Leslie Maxwell



The Consumer By Hannah Phinney

The Final Bakesale By Sony Huber

Growing up on the Island of Misfit Toys or: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as a Queer Allegory By Chase Dimock

Gawker is Defending Snark and It’s Such a Good Feeling To Explain Why They Are Wrong By Allan Mott

Where Is the Million Hoodie March for Renisha McBride? By Zerlina Maxwell

Guy Davenport: A Tribute By Vincent Czyz

An Open Letter to Charlotte Raven about My Footwear and My Feminism By Kirsten Clodfelter

Three Ways I Was Beaten By Ariella Yendler

What Would Stephanie Say? By Stephanie Goehring

Little Known Bible Verses (Preceded by a Rather Long Note) or Why You Won’t Find This Piece on The Good Men Project By Rion Amilcar Scott

Emily Yoffe: Don’t Empower My Rapist Kirsten Clodfelter

Men Go to Battle, Women Wage War By Kurt Baumeister

Miley Cyrus Deserves Better Than Our Slut-Shaming And So Do Our Daughters By Kirsten Clodfelter

Between a Rocky and a Hard Place: How Rocky Balboa Taught Your Mom to Fear Black Men and Communism By Dale Bridges

An Open Letter to North Carolina’s Governor By Paul Crenshaw

Secularism and Compartmentalization By Kenneth Nichols

Constitutionality of Recent SCOTUS Decisions — DOMA and Voting Rights By Matthew Nelson

Masculinity, Reading, and Twilight By Dennis Wilson Wise

How Fashion Is Queer By Alison Bancroft

4/19/2013 By James Tadd Adcox

The Pope is Coming! The Pope is Coming! By John Unger Zussman

EVA HESSE By Matt Gonzalez

Danica Patrick Can Do Whatever She Wants With Her Body By Kirsten Clodfelter

Okay but Seriously, Stop Blaming the Victim By Kirsten Clodfelter

Justice Scalia or: How I Learned to Stop Ranting and Love the Assault Weapon By Juliet L. Ensign-Neary



My Favorite First Line By Jordan A. Rothacker

This Is My Rifle By Paul Crenshaw

What Nancy Lanza Knew By Sonya Huber

The Weight of a Gun By Tawnysha Greene

A MEMOIR By Michael Lasher

Why Don’t You Come Up Sometime and Queer Me?: Reclaiming Mae West as Author and Sexual Philosopher By Chase Dimock

Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley By Matt Gonzalez

An Epidemic of Overtreatment By John Unger Zussman

Is More Health Care Better? By John Unger Zussman

Femme Savage By Billee Sharp

Fakecrack Nation By Billee Sharp

Snakelocks und die “Sex-Granny” By Billee Sharp

Tolerating the Intolerable? (Or: Why We Should Not be Tolerant of Chick-fil-A) By Lindsey Mason

Saint Turing: A Few Reflections on Gay Iconography and Martyrdom on the Occasion of Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday By Chase Dimock

Groan of Drones By Billee Sharp

 Magic and the Link Compliment of the Borromean Rings in America by Albert Herter

The Aestheticization of Brazilian Misery By Diego Costa

Plastic Islands & District 11 Bread. By Billee Sharp

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre By Okla Elliott

A Crisis in Bahrain By Yahya T. Ali

From the Same Source as Her Power: A Threnody for Adrienne Rich By Chase Dimock

Occupy Spaceship Earth or… Downton Abbey? By Billee Sharp

Robert McAlmon’s Psychoanalyzed Girl and the Popularization of Psychoanalysis in America By Chase Dimock

Existential Echoes: Toward a Genealogy of Ideas in Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” By Okla Elliott

My Presidential Endorsement Strategy: Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and the Green Party By Okla Elliott

The Revolution Will Be Edible: Occupy Wall Street; the Arab Spring, No Bread, No Peace By Liam Hysjulien


Favorites from the Deep Archives

Existential Echoes by Okla Elliott

Mahmoud Abbas’s Speech at the UN by Karim Abuawad

The Surreal Sex of Beauty: Jean Cocteau and Man Ray’s “Le Numéro Barbette”  by Chase Dimock

INSURGENT ANTHROPOLOGIES: Theorizing Wisconsin  by Christopher Carrico

Incomplete Thoughts on Wisconsin and Political Enthusiasm by Okla Elliott

Socialism or Barbarism in Egypt and Beyond: An Open Question  by Chris Carrico

Sin’s Fatal Taint: the Felony Murder Rule and its Discontents  by Okla Elliott

INSURGENT ANTHROPOLOGIES: Cast Away Illusions, Part 2 by Christopher Carrico

The Coming Crisis of Op-Ed Food: What Class Says About Food… by Liam Hysjulien

Open Letter: A Pre-Post-Mortem by John Halle

Tom Hayden vs. John Halle: An Exchange by John Halle and Tom Hayden

An Open Letter to the Left Establishment by Matt Gonzalez et al.

INSURGENT ANTHROPOLOGIES: Cast Away Illusions, Part 1 by Christopher Carrico

The Coming Crisis of Global Food: Hunger, Crisis and the Canary in the Coalmine by Liam Hysjulien

Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi  by Matt Gonzalez

The Coming Crisis of Global Food: High Costs, High Fats, and the Age of Globesity by Liam Hysjulien


The Coming Crisis of Western Food: Critical Theory, Social Problems and Food by Liam Hysjulien

The Art of Failure by Okla Elliott